Social Media: My Flickr Photo Gallery…

December 9, 2007

Continuing in the vein of social media i have decided to post my Flickr Photo Galley on this blog.  The pictures express the themes I like to explore: light on the landscape, freinds who play rock music, and my sister’s children.

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Keyword density: Courtney Tuttle

December 9, 2007

Entering into the world of social media, web 2.0 and the secrets of monetizing blogs, I stumbled upon Courtney Tuttle’s <a href=””>Offsite Optimization”>Court’s Internet  Marketing School.</a>

In the attempt to find a readership, it seems like it can be  a mind numbing endeavor. There is so much out there and what I feel is important seems so remote from today’s world.  Perhaps there could be a niche for the dissaffected but usually those types are so indifferent they don’t bother to interact.  As  Jerry says, “you can’t go forward and you can’t go back..”  It’s been a trip reading about keyword density, SEO, social media, link strategy and a thousand other things….

so it goes…


November 17, 2007

words now…in the night in the winter…it comes back…Catch-22…reading it on lunch break at the High Sierra Casino…a lunch break on the grave yard shift…the old irrevence…like eating her twat…I used to love the pussy…just pulling down those panties and letting my tongue fly away…it was before the fear…the parnoia…the anxiety…the alcholism…the accustations…the betrayal…the death…the dead brain cells…before the cancer of status ate the soul of my brain for snacks…before the bullshit…before the insect breath turned my insides out and my hair grey….at the beginning of MTV before it’s bullshit turned the culture into a diseased cess pool of image…before the tattoo kids narcotizing themselves on cell phone video junk blown out on iraqi crack.

the great character actors in catch-22…alan arkin communicating the nausau of war…something George Bush and Kevin Moss never knew before trumpeting the virutes of  war…